2012 in a Bubble!

2012 has been a whirlwind of awesome. I didn't realize how crazy this year was until I took a little journey through the months on my blog. Here are some of my favorite memories from the past year that have made me even more thankful than I could have imagined! 

1 // celebrated the beginning of 2012 with Jocie and Katie -We had no idea how special this night was at the time but now I am even more thankful since we were separated this year

2 // shared 11 Things about me and continued to grow closer to God

3 // i shared "A letter from God" and didn't realize how crucial these words were for my heart at that time

4 // a certain someone made his way back in my heart and I went to a wonderful bible study at church

5 // a trip to NY, a lake day with dear friends & simple dates with Peter made the month of May perfect 

6 // enjoyed the beautiful weather with lunch and a hike in the mountains then dinner downtown which is one of my most favorite days in the past year

7 // the fab 6 had a girls night and said goodbye to Anne

8 // exciting trip to St. Maartin with my favorite guy and some of his family

then a trip to NJ/NY for Peter's sisters wedding

9 // bachelorette weekend in Asheville for Jocie

10 // my friend girl got married....

and I got engaged... October was a GOOD month for love

11 // I got to meet the sweetest baby boy 

12 // celebrated Christmas with my ladies and my man 

I kind of think that 2012 was the best year yet but with all the plans ahead {mainly wedding plans ;)} I have a feeling 2013 will offer some stiff competition for the "best year yet" title but I'm okay with that! Bring it on.... I'm ready!!!



Anne Hill said...

Cute recap! Happy New Year!

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