a few things I'm NOT a fan of....

May 2, 2012

Packing. Unpacking. Flying alone.

But I'm a happy gal because....

Even though all of these annoying tasks will be done this weekend it’s so worth it!!! I get to spend some quality time with the man I love and I couldn’t be happier. I get to see his wonderful family who I have missed a lot! There will also be a road trip from NJ to The Hamptons and road trips are one of my FAVORITE things to do with Peter. We will listen to awesome music, eat watermelon seeds (I chipped my tooth once so I may skip this part), talk, laugh… making memories. All the things that girls love to do with their man.

So, I can look past the torture of packing… what will I need? Will I really want to wear this? Do I have enough shoes? All these little bottles in this plastic bag just do NOT seem like enough? Crap, my phone charger!

I can look past the unpacking… even though I know it will sit in my floor for a few days before I find motivation to wash it all.

I can look past the flying alone… Hopefully I will have some pretty clouds to take pictures of. Hopefully I won’t be delayed. Hopefully there won’t be any scary bumps. Hopefully I will have a nice person sitting next to me.

Yup, I can look past all these monotonous things because I will have a wonderful trip with a very special person. AND I will take way too many pictures to bore you with later especially since we are planning on spending Friday in NYC. Woot!

Now I'm going to sip on some wine and eat some pizza with my Mom enjoying some quality time before I leave tomorrow! :) Prayers are still GREATLY appreciated. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and I will be back on Monday! Hollaaaa! 

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