Weekend Wrap Up!

May 9, 2012

The little weekend trip to NY was definitely NOT little. I’m still not sure how we fit in everything that we did! It was a wonderful weekend surrounded by family and friends, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!! Like always the food was delicious and I can’t wait for another trip. I think one trip a quarter would be sufficient enough. ;) Here are some highlights for you all!

Ride on the ferry
{Thanks Mimi for dropping us off on your way to work!}

We took the bus from the ferry to Broadway!
I love the overwhelming feeling of how tiny you feel when you look up at these buildings! Gets me every time!

Our happy faces in the middle of it all!

One of the many things I love of NYC is the cute flower shop corners!!

We walked through Central Park for most of the day… besides the murky water it was beautiful!
The weather was so perfect!! Apparently we brought the warm sunshine with us. :)

One of the beautiful houses in Bridgehampton. I’d be perfectly happy with this one…

How adorable,,, right??

The happy couple on their special day!!
Congratulations Jordan and Lissa!

A view from an Upper Eastside party, so gorgeous!

I had such an amazing trip and I’m so thankful I got to spend it with this handsome man.

Happy Humpday Everybody!!! We’re almost finished with this week!

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Cassie said...

New York is SO fun! I loved the flower shops on the corners too!

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