strawberries, a bunny & sweet boys.

May 1, 2017

Happy May! I can't believe it's May already, but the weather is warm & the strawberries are ready to be picked. We went on our first strawberry picking adventure first thing on Saturday morning! I'm pretty sure this was my first experience picking strawberries, unless I forgot doing it when I was little? It was a lot of fun but I was surprised how quickly it got hot out in that field. Hunter boots are great for muddy rows of strawberries BUT not so great for sweaty days. Momma was uncomfortable, and Solomon wasn't that into picking strawberries. He mainly wanted to pick one, take a bite, toss it on the ground, then go running for the mud. Typical boy. Spending a majority of the time running after a wild boy, and trying not to slip on my butt like Solomon did, can be exhausting. His little muddy butt was pretty cute, so I forgave him, he is a boy after all. Jonah and Solomon were on the save wave length when it came to the picking... but Jaden loved it. He was glad to pick up the slack and fill our buckets for us! Sweet boy, so thankful that these guys have each other to create memories together. 

the muddy butt I was speaking of.... yea, pretty cute. 

Sweet hugs! Solomon isn't always interested in the hugs that Jaden wants to give but every now and then he will freely give them. Love the way he is kissing his head and how Solomon's hands are holding on. 

Very thankful for the playground for the little guys!

Their serious expressions are everything in this picture!

We also met the cutest little bunny named Strawberry! They found the bunny in the strawberry fields so they decided to keep it at the farm. The boys were so excited to pet it. 

Proud big boy with his strawberries!

& Solomon's face while eyeing this strawberry makes me giggle so much.
"Is this miiiiiine?!?"

Our boys and the berries!! We missed daddy (since he had to stay home and work in our garden all day) but we were thankful to have a fun morning with family! Happy May, everyone... hope you find some yummy strawberries. I definitely recommend Beechwood Farms for any one local who wants to go picking! I'm honestly really excited to head back in the fall for some pumpkins!!! 

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