Goals // 5.17

May 2, 2017

April was a wonderful month for us. We had so many fun things to do and I'm excited about the fun things to come in May. It might be even more fun than April, which is always a nice thing. I love it when months seem to get better and better, full of memories and sweet moments with those we love.
Now on to last month's goals.... 

April Goals
1 // start meal planning and figure it out - I have been doing really well and trying my best to put time into this task so I can do it well. The trip to Asheville kind of threw the plans for a loop since we were gone for 5 days and it was hard to get back on the meal planning wagon once we returned. I'm already set for this week though, and I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead with planning.

2 // finish our entire house zone cleaning schedule - hmmm.... this didn't happen. Ooops, I have kept  up with the cleaning schedule but I do need to focus more on the weekly zones and tweak them a bit. I'm going to keep this goal around in May.

3 // fix the yard with my mom (you are welcome, mom!) - I'll admit that I actually enjoyed working in the yard with my Mom. It still has a ways to go but it is looking better than ever!! I'm excited to finish it up with her soon. One step at a time, but it will get done.

4 // schedule our family dentist appointment - on my list of things to do this week!! I swear. ;) 

May Goals 
1 // spend more time outside with Solomon
2 // learn more about essential oils
3 // organize Solomon's room and clothing 
4 // finish our entire house zone cleaning schedule 

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