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May 9, 2017

Poor Solomon spent most of the weekend in the car, which is definitely not one of his favorite things to do. When we were in Asheville a couple of weeks ago, we picked up tickets to see one of our favorite bands. In typical Cassie form, I didn't realize how busy that weekend was going to be, or I probably would have told Peter it was a bad idea. But, we had the tickets and we decided to be brave parents and tackle the busy weekend. I'm honestly surprised at how well it turned out, besides the awful sleeping Solomon experienced, once we finally  made it back home. I'm starting to realize that weekends away (or vacations) are a little rough on his routine now that he's getting older. I guess it's a small price to pay for a lot of fun memories and exciting trips! Thankfully he gets back into his groove quickly. Anywho, on Friday we decided to make a quick trip to Asheville for the concert, then head to Charlotte on Saturday morning for sweet Giovanni's baby dedication. It was nice to have a little trip with just the three of us, and then spend some time with the whole family, too. 

Solomon's first concert, we will definitely remember this chilly and wet night. We all got bundled up with our rain boots and had a great time. Thankfully Solomon really loves music, if he didn't I don't think we could have enjoyed an outside concert in the rain with a toddler. Unfortunately, the photos aren't that great thanks to my phone and the weather, but I couldn't not share some of these shots!  
Once the music started, and as long as we didn't let him spot in huge puddles, he was happy to stay in our arms (or on daddy's shoulders) and enjoy the music! These cute pictures of Peter and Solomon jumping in some puddles makes me smile though... he loved it. 

Highland Brewing definitely has some amazing food truck options! We enjoyed a great BBQ sandwich when we arrived to the show but Solomon was getting hungry and he started to yell "pizzzzza" when he saw people eating a slice. He was so excited to eat some pizza! Those cute little lips kill me....

We tried our best to tire Solomon out at a park before the ride to Charlotte on Saturday morning but it didn't work... he was full of energy and not interested in a nap. But, it was nice to get some fresh air and let him play around before the ride. The way he is climbing the stairs in the below picture with no help makes me want to cry. Please stop growing up, sweet boy!

Giovanni's baby dedication was so sweet. I really love how their church planned it and put so much thought into it. Each family picked a bible verse for their child, and the pastor prayed for each family separately, after reading the bible verse aloud. I couldn't help but think back on Solomon's dedication when he was just three months old! 
All these boys are so lucky to have each other... the babies that aren't quite babies any more.

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