a pink filled morning.

May 4, 2015

Last weekend was a baby shower, this weekend, a bridal shower. Obviously, one of my favorite things to do in our house is shower our friends with love!!! It was so fun to open our home to Jen and her family and friends. I had a blast meeting some new people and planning this shower with such sweet women. The excitement that she had on her face the entire morning was contagious, she is a glowing bride for sure! 

the bride and all the hostesses! 
We had so much fun loving on Jen together!!

The food and drinks were the perfect combination for a morning brunch
and I loved all the sweet details around the house. We had the lucky man that
will marry Jen give us some of the things he loves most about her!

And like all showers, we got to watch Jen open all her gifts.
I love seeing the excitement during these moments!!

Both the Moms and the bride!!


Kristin C said...

I adore hosting events at our home! This looks like so much fun and I am so glad you had a good time!
A few questions for you:
1.) I checked out your church website...please tell me you are in Spartanburg (my parents just moved there and I'd love to find that I have a blogging friend nearby! lol).
2.) Are you already a member of The Peony Project? If not, I think you'd love it!

Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

CassieEliya said...

Answers for you:
1.) I actually live in Greenville but that is only about 30-40 minutes away from Spartanburg!! :)
2.) I am not a member, but I have heard of it... I need to check it out!
Thanks for the sweet comment!!!

Kristin C said...

You would love it! You should definitely join (it's free and a great community to be a part of) :)

Cassie Lee said...

You're the best host ever! So fun!

CassieEliya said...

I had a LOT of help with this one but it was so much fun!!!

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