Goals // 5.15

May 1, 2015

April Update
1// Clean out the junk room to get ready for the nursery! - not sure what I was thinking??? The last month was literally the worst time to try and clean out the junk room! May is much more open for us so this little task is moving on to the next month.

2// Host Easter lunch at our house. - Easter 2015 did happen at the Eliya home but we didn't take a ton of photos. Sad, but it was such a wonderful day with family! I love this tradition we have every year at our home. It is so special to me!!

3// Give Katie and baby Wyatt a shower! - we did and it was wonderful! I posted all about it early this week so you can see and read more about it HERE.

4// Finish the Ezer Study. - our group had to extend the last two chapters of the book to next week but it has been so wonderful to have quality girl time with the women that I have grown to love so much. The depth that it has added to our friendships has made my heart so happy and thankful.

5// Meet our new baby nephew! - oh, baby Jonah. I love him! Being an aunt is such a fun thing and I'm so happy that I married into such a loving family. I love them and I love their babies!

6// Help Peter in the garden. - well, Peter was out of town some during April so I most definitely helped Peter in the garden, HA! We have a couple of chickens that like to get out of their run/coop area. They also love to dig up the garden and eat our growing lettuce, which makes us want to eat them! Seriously, they are driving us nuts right now, but we are still thankful for the eggs.

May Goals
1// Clean out the junk room to get ready for the nursery!
2// Enjoy my first Mother's Day and love on the Mothers in my life!! 
3// Complete a 30 Day Arm Challenge.
4// Celebrate Peter's Birthday!
5// Enjoy Memorial Day off of work.

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