the strange and the good.

March 19, 2015

One thing about pregnancy that I knew I would experience, but wasn't quite sure how it would go down, is the emotional side of everything. I tend to be an emotional person with most things already so I was wondering how that would change. Little things always get to me but now they REALLY get to me. I feel more passionate about certain things and while having discussions with Peter about them, I've always kept my cool. One of the many things that I've always been thankful for with our relationship is how we've always been able to TALK OUT anything. Just in the past few months I've been turning on the waterworks while talking so easily. Some big things, some little things (like what to eat for dinner or Peter correcting my driving skills – seriously!), so I'm never sure how things will go.

Here's a little story for ya…. just recently I had an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for that man of mine and I reached for my phone to send him a little "I love you, thank you for loving me, and thanks for being the father to our growing baby" kind of text, just because I felt I needed to. The night before, I had asked Peter to grab my vitamins and some OJ before we started The Walking Dead since he was in the kitchen and I was already on the couch. While he was getting all the vitamins together he mentioned that my prenatal vitamins were getting low and asked if we needed to get some more. I reminded him that we had them set up on auto ship from Amazon to save money and he said he'd check tomorrow and see when we should get them. Fast forward to the next morning, as I said, I was sitting at my desk and thought I'd send him that mushy, I'm an emotional pregnant women text, and when I grabbed my phone from my purse I saw I already had a text from Peter. He was just letting me know when we should receive the next bottle of prenatal vitamins and asked if we should move it up? Tears, guys… I had tears. In my head I was thinking, he remembered to check on my vitamins! I didn't even remember about my vitamins!!! He is so thoughtful! How did I find him, I am so blessed!!!

Oh man, some of the emotional side effects of this growing baby can be tough. I can sit on my bed and cry about my shoes all around my room instead of in my closet. Those things happen, but then the moments happen when I feel so thankful and grateful for this life that I get to live and the little life that we are creating. In awe of a God that created women to bring life into this world for His Kingdom and the privilege and honor that I feel that He has given me that task. It is good. it is strange and crazy at times but it is also sweet and so, so good.


  1. This is so true! Just wait until you hit the third trimester and you cry because the water won't boil for your spaghetti. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

  2. haha, thanks... I'm glad I'm not the only one and I can't wait to see what I cry about in the months ahead. It is funny to look back on.
    ps, I always use my water kettle to heat water before putting it on the stove and add some salt to it once it's in the pot, cuts the time in half! ;)

  3. Teresa Stone WillisMarch 21, 2015 at 8:05 AM

    After I read this, I smiled and thought about the times you, your mom, Meg and I would just talk about the day you became pregnant. Now, you really are and it is so fun to read about. We need to all get together soon!

  4. Awww... This is precious! Pregnancy hormones are just the craziest!!!

  5. You are so sweet, your comment made me smile!! :)
    We do need to catch up, dinner date soon!

  6. So precious - I'm glad the emotional side of pregnancy is such a positive thing for you!


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