Pregnancy Post // First Favorites.

March 10, 2015

The first trimester wasn't the easiest but I know that I had it a lot easier than some.
I thought it would be fun to keep track of all the things that helped that first month
go by a little bit better. I know all of these things made a difference!

First Trimester

1// new toxic free beauty products
I read THIS article when I found out I was pregnant and my thought process changed completely about what I put on my skin. I mainly looked for parabens and mineral oil and after a lot of research I decided to go with all the items above.

Tarte Cosmetics has wonderful products that truly last and look beautiful on. I'm completely in love with the mascara and the concealer.

Of course, I've always been a fan of Lush Ocean Salt but the grease lightening was so helpful when I got a bad cold and I didn't want to take my normal medication for fever blisters. This stuff zapped it all away so quickly.

Thanks to Target's Natural Beauty line I found the Yes to Cucumber line that I really love.
I also decided to go back to one of my old reliables that I kind of forgot about, but this cleansing lotion feels sooooooo good on my skin. Thanks to the Yes to Cucumber face cream I remembered this cleanser and thought the two together would be amazing. I've been using both every night and day! AND, thankfully, both are very affordable. 

2// naps, all the naps!
Not much I can say to explain this but I love my naps.... this hasn't really gone away in my second trimester. HA!

3// fruit
Once the nausea passed during week 9 I started to crave fruit. I have to have a banana every morning and I've also found a new love for mango. I read somewhere that a mango is so good for babies because of all the vitamins that they have and I never liked fresh mango but I thought I'd give it another try since it would be worth it. I was happy to find that I loved it!! And of course my usual fave, super crunchy, purple grapes. YUM, add in a little vanilla yogurt and you have one of my favorite snacks. 

4// OJ with prenatal vitamins
I'm actually taking THESE and THESE every night and I tried to take them with water a couple of times and I thought I would lose it. Oh man, so bad.... not the best taste and I could hardly swallow them. Then I figured out that OJ really helped and I could actually take them without gagging. Thank God for OJ! 

5// raw almonds
Seriously, the only thing that got me through those first few weeks of nausea! My nausea was all over the place... whenever I thought I had it figured out, it would change. I started with just a little in the mornings, then it changed to evenings, then it changed to ALL DAY for about two weeks. I was so afraid that I would have to deal with that for a long time but thankfully it ended earlier than expected. BUT - raw almonds were my go to and they always settled my stomach!

There you have it, my secret weapons for my First Trimester!!
What were some of your favorites??
& what do I need for my Second Trimester?

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

That ocean salt scrub is my favorite!

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