Pregnancy Post // month three.

March 5, 2015

Holy cow, month three???
well, here are all the details and pictures below....

Weeks 10 - 12

Things have been so great the past three weeks and I'm so happy to end month three on a high note!! I was afraid that I would feel terrible until the 2nd Trimester but I'm thankful that things turned around at the end of 9 weeks and by 10 weeks I felt like my old self again. I was really afraid that I would hate pregnancy and after dreaming about being pregnant for a while now, I was super bummed. So, I'm very happy that things have changed and I'm loving it.

Some questions we have been asked

When do my new weeks begin //
On Mondays. I love that I get to start each week with a new milestone and it helps me stay organized here on the blog as well. Most of my pregnancy related posts will happen on Tuesdays but this is a special Thursday post since this is week 13 for me and that means I've started month four.

Any decision on finding out the sex //
I'm hoping that I've won Peter over but I'm not pushing it.... we will make our final decision at our 20 week ultrasound which has now been scheduled!! Can't wait to see our little one and make sure all the measurements are good to go during the Anatomy Scan.
That being said, I do have a gut feeling that this little babe is a girl and so do a lot of people, including Peter.

You switched to a midwife??? //
Yes, I did! I'm so happy with the decision and I feel such a peace about working with this group of women. I will be delivering in a hospital but I had a hope of trying a waterbirth and that option was not available if I stayed with the OB I was using. They informed me that the Midwife Group at GHS works very closely with them and if waterbirth is a big deal then I could switch to them. I had already heard about them from a friend of mine but I still wasn't sure if that was the right place for me to be. Thankfully, they have a meeting once a month called "Meet the Midwives" and it was the perfect opportunity for me to test the waters (no pun intended!). I left the meeting on cloud nine!! I had happy tears several times during the meeting and I knew the Lord was pushing me to switch. The women are amazing and their passion for Moms and childbirth is so comforting! I could not be happier with my decision to switch and now I can have my chance to try a natural waterbirth in the hospital, I'm so excited! 

 I think that's it for now....
if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to leave them below.
I love to learn and grow from all of the wonderful mommas out there!!  


socalledhomemaker said...

You look great! Pregnancy becomes you!

CassieEliya said...

Thank you!!!! I feel great! :) so thankful!

CassieEliya said...

awww, shucks... thanks!!

Chelsea said...

Ah, so cool that you got to hear the heartbeat!

CassieEliya said...

Yes!!! It is the coolest, most exciting thing!

Ana said...

Congrats! The second trimester is THE best!

CassieEliya said...

Thanks!! I really am loving it!

Sarah said...

Not finding out is the best. I also used a midwife and had a water birth (at home though). It is a very special time and so empowering. Good luck and I am praying for you during this exciting time. :)

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