A new kind of Mother's Day

May 13, 2013

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day a new way and I really loved it. Peter and I cooked lunch for both of our Moms and my brother. He grilled the steaks, I made the sides and we all sat down at the dining room table to enjoy it as a family. I had every intention of taking pictures to remember the moment but I only got these two shots….

Cooking the food. That’s it. We were talking and laughing and eating so much that I didn’t even think of taking a picture. I kind of wanted to smack myself but then again I don’t want to take away from these new moments by constantly pausing to take a picture. Sometimes it’s best to just enjoy the meal and enjoy the company.

It was nice to tell stories and share memories with this new family of mine. I’ve always felt extremely blessed to have a Mom that is also one of my best friends. Someone who I can share things with and just enjoy life with but this year is so exciting to have a new Mom in my life. She has been in my life for a while now but this Mother’s Day felt different to me. It was exciting to think of the years ahead and know that we will always celebrate this special day together because she will be a part of my life forever. Whenever I’ve thought of my future Mother-in-law I always hoped she would be someone who I could look up to and truly connect with and from the moment I met Peter’s Mom I knew that was possible. Getting married is already so exciting but gaining a wonderful Mom in the process is like icing on the cake. The Lord is so sweet!!
Mother’s Day was a great day and I am so thankful to have two women to celebrate now. I love you both so much!

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