A Birthday and Stuffed Cabbage!

May 29, 2013

Ever since Peter and I got engaged I have said I wanted to learn the Arabic recipes so I could make him some of his favorite meals. Well, I haven't learned a thing. When we asked his Mom what she wanted to do for her Birthday on Sunday she said she wanted to teach me how to make stuffed cabbage on Saturday night and then eat it together on Sunday. Score!
So, that is exactly what we did..... 


So Saturday night was spent learning how to make this wonderful, delicious meal and it was so much fun. We laughed and talked about a lot of different things including how a marriage should be based on God's love. My heart was full. It was a great night and it was so much fun to sit down and enjoy the meal on Sunday knowing I helped make it. 

 ^^^ All the many spices used. I love how a lot of the spices she has are homemade and have her special touch to them! 

 ^^^ Rolling them all up! 

 ^^^ The art of flipping the pot on the serving platter... not brave enough to try this one yet. 

Successful Birthday weekend for Mama Eliya!! :)
Can't wait for many more Birthdays with her and also more nights where this lovely woman can teach me some more recipes! 

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