11 things about my best friend!

March 25, 2013

Yesterday was Jocie’s Birthday and I thought it would be fun to keep up with the 11 things posts for my girlfriends to celebrate their wonderful day of birth... so, here we go! 11 Things I Love About Jocie!

1. her honesty. Everyone needs that friend that can be brutally honest and who expects the same in return.

2. she’s my person…. the Cristina to my Meredith. Even though I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore that relationship will always remind me of our friendship.

3. the way she sings words to many, many songs wrong. “I sink the pillow to my face…” “Lasso My Car!”

4. and her ridiculously gorgeous singing voice. So unfair. Even when she is singing the wrong words she sounds better than I do singing the right words.

5. she's the only person I feel completely comfortable crying with.  

6. i am thankful that I never had a sister because I could ask my best friend to be my Matron of Honor instead!

7. whenever I need advice or someone to listen she is usually the first person that comes to mind.

8. how my mom loves her just as much as she loves me.

9. her crazy artistic talent! That girl can make anything look beautiful and effortless.

10. our personalities aren’t exactly the same but I think that’s why we work so well… its all about the balance.

11. through thick and thin we have stayed friends and I know I can always count on Jocie.

I’m so thankful for our friendship! I didn’t know how lucky I was when Jocie asked me to eat lunch with her that day during our senior year but looking back on it now I know that lunch was one of the best moments of my life. I thank the Lord for every moment of our friendship! I Love you, Sauce and I hope you had a very HAPPY Birthday!!!

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