That lazy Sunday when I decided to organize.

March 6, 2013

Yes. I had to organize all the wonderful gifts I have been given since the engagement. It was starting to get out of control and with the shaking of Mom's finger I decided she was right, we needed to organize! Thankfully she helped....

Since I said YES to Peter I have been so blessed with many, many sweet gifts from family and friends. Honestly, it was so exciting to pack it all up! There's just something super exhilarating about boxing, taping and labeling boxes for your new home. A place that you don't even know of yet. A place where your future will start and your life will begin with your husband. Knowing that the next time you touch all these wonderful gifts you will be unpacking with that person. Unpacking the little pieces that will fill your day. All the items that will make your house a home with the person you get to love for the rest of your life. Knowing that everything in those boxes is a gift from God and a gift from someone that loves us. That feeling is something amazing and I am so thankful!!!

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