a year already.

March 19, 2013

On Saturday we celebrated a big day! One year ago on Saturday, after lots of thinking & praying, I decided to give my relationship with Peter another try. I’m positive it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Saying yes was a big deal… Yes to another chance with him. Yes to a future with him. Yes to sharing a life with him. It was a wonderfully scary feeling saying yes. Hoping for the best but some how knowing in my gut, this is it. This is what I was hoping would happen but never thought it would and then realizing I wanted it more than I could have imagined. Knowing that I wanted to spend all my days with this man. All the good, the bad and the normal, just another day, kind of days with him. Feeling an urgency in my heart to make him happy and wanting to be the best part of his day, every day.

So, what did we do to celebrate our one year of Cassie & Peter Part Two, you ask? We spent it house shopping and honestly that is a different post for a different day. Holy moly... I just hope we decide on THE ONE soon! Then we spent the night eating sushi and discussing the above mentioned house shopping. It really was wonderful. Making grown up decisions with my future husband and discussing fun plans for our life together on our anniversary was awesome. And like I said, we were eating sushi which pretty much makes any night a perfect night in my book.

Sadly this is the only picture I took all night.

The past year has been filled with so many exciting events I can’t hardly believe it has been a year already… time has completely flown by. But still, I’m ready for the next year and sitting here thinking about how a year from now I will be Peter’s wife makes my skin tingle. Makes me look like a crazy person smiling so big my cheeks hurt and doing a little jittery happy dance. Mmmm, life is good with you in it, Peter Eliya! Thank you for a great year and thank you for loving me!!

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Cassie Marshall said...

I love this. I'm so happy I came across this. The nosy part of me always wondered about your throw back Thursday posts of you two, I always thought you had just met. Now, it makes sense. I am incredibly happy for you, you just glow now- even more than you did before!!!

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