Perfect Weekend Littles.

March 18, 2013

After almost 2 weeks off from blogging I feel so refreshed. I’m not sure how the little vacation happened but I did enjoy it. I didn’t sit down and think I need a break from this little space of mine but any time I thought about writing nothing came to mind. This might make you think that I’m incredibly boring but its just the opposite. I had so many things going on the past couple of weeks I couldn’t even sort my brain on what I should write about. So I didn’t. And it was nice.

But now here I am… with oodles to talk about because I realized it’s been TWELVE days since my last post and I’m ready to make time now. Ready to share some little things from the weekend that made me smile. I haven’t had a little things post in a while and I think it’s a perfect way to jump back in to this little blog world of mine.

walking through the church with my mom, Peter and wedding coordinator on Friday afternoon... such a surreal moment and I can't wait for our wedding day // the feeling I have inside when I sing the word Hallelujah to my Redeemer on Sunday mornings // pulling out a sundress to wear and not having to think about a sweater // the surprise little box of macaroons from my sweet man just because

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