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September 5, 2012

Today I experienced one of the most ANNOYING parts of working for a large company. This has happened a hand full of times and I’m always amazed at how dumb some people can be. It all started a little something like this….

A co-worker in NY sent an email asking a simple question and chose what she thought was the correct email but instead it was a large email chain for almost every department within the whole company.
Luckily, mine was included…

Instead of ignoring the email and moving on with their life… like I did, a long line of responses started. For your entertainment I have listed SOME of them below:

· I believe this was sent to the wrong person.

· I will delete these emails as I am not the right person for this email.

· Same here

· Same here. (no, I’m not kidding… that happened two times in a row)

· I am not sure why I am on this email chain. Please remove my name

· There are multiple people on this email responding right now. Looks suspicious to me

· Everyone: Please stop replying to the mailbox! You are just clogging everyone’s e-mail!

· Stop the “Reply All” and respond only to the person that sent the email….it is killing my inbox!!!!


· Yes Everyone Don’t click reply all my mailbox is going wild

· Vegas just called and they have the over/under for “reply alls” at 35.

· Please make it stop

Just so you know… it did not stop. 
Honestly, it might still be going on when I return to work tomorrow morning.
I’m baffled.

Happy Humpday…
and hopefully your day was full of fun and happiness, not dim-witted people.

1 comment:

The Management said...

ahhahahhaha the "please make it stop" one totally would have been me if I was involved in that mess.

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