Finding a few lines of silver.

September 4, 2012

I guess looking forward to the cool, fall air was an epic fail.
Looking out the window you’d think it was a crisp fall day.
Dark with a chance of rain. The perfect weather for a coat, boots and a scarf.
Well…… that window is a liar.
It’s hot. It’s humid. I mean, you feel like you are wearing a freakin sweater when you walk outside. A sticky, moist sweater.
I'm so over it!
However, I try to keep my blog happy… uplifting… enjoyable… all the things that Cloud Nine should be so I’m going to try and twist this bad mood.

Despite this horrid weather Fall TV is just around the corner….
Which also means REVENGE is so close!
Which also makes me do a happy dance!

Pumpkin Flips. Little Miss. Debbie Cake, you complete me.

On Thursday my new locks are going to be a few shades darker to welcome the Fall weather once it decides to arrive. Pretty darn excited about that as well.

I survived the massive “holy cow I need to clean out my closet” fiasco from over the weekend and I gladly have some space to fill. Hello, fall shopping trips!!!

Pretty, new dark nail polishes!!! Makes me oh, so thankful!!

And sometimes you take a simple picture to remind you of the beginning of Fall.
The beginning of a new season. And when you look back at this picture you won’t remember the annoying humid days because all you will remember is a carefree night with the man you love when you were lucky enough to find a cool breeze and a hand to hold.

1 comment:

Pamela said...

I am sooo ready for fall too! I hate that it is muggy and gross here too :(

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