yes, I am alive.

September 15, 2012

Just extremely busy… busy with life and friends and work. It also doesn’t help that the computer has decided to truly hate me and crash. Thank goodness for Mom and her connections the computer will be returned and repaired on Monday. I’ve missed blogging all week but it’s impossible to post anything other than words on this iPhone. Maybe I just need an iPad. That’d be nice…

This weekend is going to be spent celebrating with my best friend (and a few other very special ladies) before she becomes a wife. She’s growing up! I can’t believe it.
I have so many memories with Jocie… its just crazy sometimes when I realize we are adults.
Not silly high school girls that liked to write letters and draw crazy signs for each other to pass in the hallway.
and spending time enjoying Dr. Pepper Floats while pretending to study.
and eating a whole container of Cajun Crab Dip with a box of Wheat Thins while watching The O.C.
and sharing stories over cheap cigars that taste like honey on my porch.
and weekends in Brevard with late night trips to Arby's when we were given a whole bag of every kind of sauce imaginable thanks to our awesome Robot Dancing skills.
and all the other many things that make me so thankful for our friendship!

She's my person. By sister from another mister. Goodness, I am lucky!

Can't wait to spend the next couple of days showering this bride with some gifts and a bunch of love!

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