first weekend of fall.

September 24, 2012

Last week was one of those weeks…..
one of those weeks that draaaag
where you don’t have much planned
and you can spend almost every night enjoying hot yoga
(yes, I only skipped Thursday night – high fives for me)
but the week mainly dragged because I knew who I was going to see all weekend…

after two weeks of not seeing my sweet man and the depressing amount of FaceTime allowed with his lack of wi-fi I was thrilled to see that smile and sink into the warmth of his hug on Friday night.
I may have held on a little longer than normal. I have a smile on my face right now just writing about it.
The weather was PERFECT all weekend so we enjoyed many long walks downtown. 
Trust me, if my calves could talk they would tell you about it! 
Sunshine, crunching leaves, holding hands and the Jets winning their game.... 
all the wonderful things a weekend should include.

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