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December 16, 2010

I had a wonderful, weekly Sushi Date with Peter last night as usual but I was thinking about how I’ve never shared what we have each week.  That just can’t happen!  Sooooo… every week THIS is what I am craving first thing Wednesday morning when I wake up (I know… I think I have a problem) and sometimes on Tuesday nights (problem, yes… got it) if I am super excited about it. 

For those of you who don’t know, we go to Miyabi’s EVERY Wednesday night because it’s the BEST in Greenville and they also have their shipment flown in from Japan on Wednesday morning so we know that everything will be at it’s freshest.  Try and change my mind, many have tried but they never succeed because Miyabi’s is MOST DEFINITELY the BEST sushi in Greenville.  HANDS DOWN!

We start the Sushi Date night with an appetizer that’s FREEEEEE

They switch it up every week… beef, fish; raw, cooked… depends on what they want to give us.
Also, everyone has this… not just the special regulars. ;)

Then we move on to the most magnificent, scrumptious, BEST part!!!

The awesome Red Snapper Sashimi Salad.  AH!  
I want to eat it again right now just from looking at it!!!

Then we have the same 2 rolls every week because they could never become boring.  
The Mexican Roll and Peter’s Creation… the Snapping Turtle!

The Mexican Roll has Spicy Tuna with Avocado and Tempora Flakes… simple and tasty.  The Snapping Turtle (yes, Peter came up with the name as well) has Red Snapper and Avocado inside with sliced Tuna and hot sauce on top then Sesame Seeds.  The 2 rolls might seem like they taste the same but they are very different and OH so yummy!!! 

The last thing we have is our dessert!!!  Toro! 

It’s the “bacon of tuna” Peter says, hahaha!  Most places charge $15 or more for this IF they have it but Miyabi’s only charges $5 per sashimi serving… another reason they are the BEST!!!  

Also, on cold nights like this one we have a pot of hot Green Tea.  It’s a must!

Another Sushi lover that I met at Miyabi’s one night shared a secret with me and I can’t eat sushi any other way now.
First you place your desirable amount of wasabi in your bowl…
Then add the juice from a wedge of lemon… 

and then stir until the wasabi is mixed completely.
 After that add your soy sauce and ENJOY!  YUUUUUUMMO!

On a serious note... if you haven't been to Miyabi's GO RIGHT NOW... if they aren't open, go very soon!  You will not regret it!  :) 

When we were finished with dinner Peter had to RUSH home because his new drum set for Rock Band was waiting for him... 

He looked like a little boy on Christmas morning!!!!  :)  It was so adorable!  But, seriously... it's a true LEGIT drum set!  Helping him put it together I was getting so pumped up because I couldn't wait to try it out!  Once we finished I watched him play set it up for me to play and when I finally sat down ready to play I picked my favorite song while Peter was busy upstairs.... next think I know he is RUNNING, and I mean RUNNING downstairs to inform me that I can NOT play that song because that's HIS favorite and only HE can play that one first.  I chuckled and kept playing and he just stood there staring at me... I turned to look at him and said "are you serious!?!?" .....he was.  So, I picked another song and enjoyed that one instead.  It was a ton of fun, definitely a lot harder than the older drum set but I can't wait to practice more!  After I was finished playing Peter got to play "His favorite song" so now I am allowed to play it once again. 

ALSO... Tonight was the SECOND Dinner Club with my favorite ladies and I.  2 had to miss it and 1 was a little late but it was still wonderful!!!  I truly LOVE them and I am so lucky to have such awesome girlfriends!!  
Here is the monthly picture with Jessica on the laps since it was at her house this time. 

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