December 19, 2010

On Friday night Peter and I had a Christmas party to attend at 7 but I didn't get off work till 6... of course that makes me a crazy woman rushing around trying to figure out what I'm wearing, messing with my hair and make up, all the normal just at extra fast speed.  

This also means that I'm not paying attention to Peter's large gift in the living room that was NOT wrapped.... 

Yes, it's appropriate to cringe right now because what you are thinking did happen.  He comes in the front door while I am almost ready to leave and after standing by the front door for a few moments he points behind me and calmly says... 
"What's that.....?"
My heart seriously dropped and I felt like everything was in slow motion, turning around to see his large box filled with a starter kit for brewing his very on beer!  I screamed NOOOOOO!!!!  And then tears started to fill my eyes and I turned back to see a HUGE smile on his face which  made everything a little better.  He was excited and surprised so I guess that's all I could ask for.  

And since he'd seen his large gift that was supposed to be opened LAST I might as well give him the rest of his Christmas gifts... so I gave him his set of 4 hand made Clemson Beer Mugs (that my mom dropped and broke 2 yesterday... she felt horrible but of course Peter didn't get mad) and then I gave him a beer bottle opener that's the same size as a debit card so it will fit in his wallet and he will never be without it!!  He doesn't carry a bunch of keys since he has a garage and all he ever needs his his car key so this was perfect!!  
I had it engraved with the quote above and it also has Christmas, 2010 below the quote.  
We went to the new bar in Greenville, The Carolina Ale House and they had the same quote written on the bar!!  Perfect opportunity for a picture we thought! 

I guess it wasn't the end of the world.... but definitely didn't want the gift giving to go that way!!  

Last night we went out on a double date with one of my best friends Madison and her sweet man, Andy!  It was a lot of fun!!  Before our date night I went to her house to have my hair colored and we were brave enough to chop the bangs as well.  We were very pleased and it turned out great!  

While we were getting ready Peter and Andy chatted and supplied us with a glass of wine and some cheese.  We are lucky ladies!  After the cheese and wine and some chitchat we headed downtown for dinner at Soby's.  DELICIOUS!  Then we went to the Carolina Ale House for some drinks since we wanted to see the new place.  It was pretty nice and had a great selection of Beer to choose from.  

So glad we got to spend some time with them before the Holidays! 

As for right now.... gotta go wrap some presents and head over to Peter's for lunch and my mini Eliya Christmas since Peter is leaving next week to head to NJ for Christmas.  Can't wait to spend the day with the family!! 

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