White Christmas!!!!

December 25, 2010

It may sound silly but I feel like this beautiful white bliss falling from the sky most of today is straight from my Grandpas'!!!  

I love it!  It's just so beautiful and peaceful and the first time Greenville has had a White Christmas since 1963.  
That's just crazy!  So.... Thanks Papa Pridmore and Papa G!  I love you too!!!

Last night was Christmas Eve with my Mom's family and we all knew it was going to be emotional and strange without my sweet Papa there but we were doing okay.  Staying strong, enjoying our time together since that's what he would have wanted.... THEN my Aunt Shelia decided to surprise my Mom, Grandma, and Uncle with a wonderful gift. 

It was a quilt made with all of my Grandpa's shirts... best gift ever!!  No one was expecting it so of course we were all sitting around the living room crying.  I will always remember him in one of his many flannel shirts so it's such a touching gift!  She also has enough saved for my future babies since they never got to meet him.  

The rest of my Christmas Eve was filled with laughter and fun.... and of course Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls, AKA my FAVORITE part of Christmas! 

Christmas morning I woke up... made some coffee and sat by the tree to open gifts with my Mom and Brother!  Of course I did the "shaking of presents" last week when I found a few with my name under the tree even though Peter yelled at me because that's NOT ALOUD but my mom taught me to do that a LONG time ago and he is not going to change that!  Sorry buddy...

ANYWAYS.... point of the story, when I shook one of the beautifully wrapped gifts under the  tree I was hoping... no PRAYING that I was guessing right!  and drum roll............. 

IT WAS!!!!
Exactly what I was appropriately "praying" for plus MOORE!!  HAHA!  Get it....? Moore.  I definitely love me some Beth Moore Devotionals and this one is awesome since it's a small day by day that I can throw in my purse and use at lunch everyday.  I've also been wanting and needing a new bible for some time now and this one is PACKED with tons of awesome information.  I can't wait to use it!! 

After spending some time with my Mom my brother and I went to TR to go see my Dad's family.  With my other Papa not being there it was also very strange.  So weird to sit and open our gifts and not having him sitting beside me in his recliner where he has been sitting EVERY Christmas for as long as I can remember!  My Grandma sat there this year so at least it wasn't empty.  

BUT... it's still snowing and it's so beautiful outside!  I still can't believe that everything is white in December!!!!  So right now I am going to get a hot cup of tea... watch Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley and cry (you can't watch it without crying) for the 183,947th time and try not to miss Peter too terribly bad. 

ha, yea right... 

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