Date Night!!!

December 11, 2010

I absolutely LOOOOOVE date nights with my wonderful man!  We received an early Christmas Gift from the sweet, Laura Sams a couple of weeks ago and I thought last night was the PERFECT time to use it!  It was a coupon for Green Room!!!  You might know from previous posts that it's my FAVORITE place!  It's perfect for anything... drinks, brunch, and dinner!  Last night was the first time that Peter and I had ate dinner their so we were excited.  

So as soon as I got home from work I started to get ready which is one of the best parts of date night!!  You know every girl loves to pick out a cute outfit and a pair of heels so she can look good for her man!  We got to the restaurant and I seriously think everyone working was confused because a Jets game wasn't on.... then at one point during the night our waitress said "Wait!  You guys are the Jets fans, right?!?" I just laughed, since she is a waitress we've never talked to her but she still knew who we were.  I guess we are regulars now...? 

We started the dinner with a ceasar salad and some bread with oil and butter!  
Notice the wine bottle... a Malbec that was so good! 

The main reason we went to dinner last night was the special I saw on the 
Green Room's Facebook page.... 
Australian Rack of Lamb oven roasted drizzled with a pomegranate molasses served sweet potato polenta and grilled asparagus

This was Peter's Meal, when I saw it on FB earlier that day I called him 
and said we are going to Green Room tonight!!!  I knew he would love it! 

And then for MINE... I couldn't resist having... 
A tender duck breast served with foie dirty rice, wilted spinach, and a roasted duck sauce

It was delicious... the dirty rice and sauce was amazing and the duck was SO tender! 

And of course for dessert I couldn't resist an espresso martini made with espresso, vodka, and Godiva white chocolate liqueur.  Peter also had one as well only without the liqueur.

After sitting and talking for a while we decided to go rent a movie and get a bottle of wine!  After a cold walk to the car I snapped a picture since you HAVE to have pictures from date night!!! 

When we decided that we were going to rent a movie I ask Peter if I could pick out the movie and his response.... "You can have subtle suggestions that might change my opinion but I will still make the final decision."  HA!  We agreed on The Kids Are Alright.  It received a high rate on Rotten Tomatoes which is the ONLY thing Peter uses when we rent movies and it was pretty good.  Funny, dramatic, we enjoyed it.  Nice movie, tasty wine, cozy blanket and comfy couch... perfect end to a wonderful date night!! 

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