My Word for 2015.

January 20, 2015

This is my first year to pick one word that will signify the year ahead and I'm very excited about it. For 2015, I constantly want to grow.

Grow within my relationship with the Lord:
I want to find less excuses. Dig deeper for more of Him and yearn for it daily. I hope to pray for others more and not just myself. I want to love Him selflessly and love His people the same. I hope that I show His light in everything I do during this year ahead. I want others to know that I am His, not questioning where I stand or who I follow.

Grow as a wife:
My most important role in this life. The one thing that I hope I get right is this role as wife and one day mother. I pray that the woman that I am in our home is a faithful servant. A true Ezer for Peter and all those who enter our home. I want to build Peter up and support him in all our decisions as husband and wife, and in those moments where we do not agree, I hope that I can trust him and follow his lead. I want my love to grow even more this year for the man that God has given me.

Grow as a family member & friend:
During the year ahead, I want to step out and love those around me. The ones that are my biological family, my married family and my chosen family. I love having all different kinds of family and I know that God has blessed me with each and every person that fills my life. I truly hope to bless them in return buy asking questions, being there 100%, and growing within those relationships. I don't want to simply take but give back in return since I have so many in my life that give and pour into me.

Grow as a blogger:
The past few weeks have been a little different. This little blog takes a LOT of time and I have honestly enjoyed not posting 5 days a week. It is nice to take a little break and recollect yourself so I can make some decisions. I'm excited about where things are going and I'm working hard on some future content. At the end of the day, I want this blog to be me. A true reflection to my life and my heart. I'm excited to share all of the many things that will fill my life and my heart in this coming year.

What is your word,
or how do you hope to grow?

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

What a good word for the year!!

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