In The Word // January Study Plan

December 30, 2014

This study is getting so good!!! I love how the stories are evolving and becoming more "story like" and all of the Psalms mixed in makes my heart happy. I'm really happy that I didn't give up on this reading plan like I thought I could a few times. It is so exciting to open my bible and see how much I have already read and journaled through. It is such a great feeling!! I'm also every thankful that we took the month of December off so I could catch up. I feel refreshed and renewed with my reading and I can't wait to start the new plan below! 

Anyone still reading along with us?

I know it is hard, trust me, but it is so rewarding!
Join us and start from the beginning, or start where you left off... 
just open up that book and start. He will meet you there!

1 comment:

Ashley LaMar said...

This sounds great! I was looking for a 2015 study so this is perfect. What a great find today! <3

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