Christmas 2014.

December 29, 2014

This is the first Christmas in a while that I have stayed in Greenville the entire time and the first ever for Peter. We missed seeing all of the family in New Jersey but there was something wonderful about staying home and making new memories here for the first time. It was our second Christmas has husband and wife and I absolutely loved it. The whole week and weekend was wonderful!!

Christmas Eve is always with my Mom's family at my grandma's house
and it is most definitely the kid's night!

Until Santa shows up and all the "big kids" want a picture, too!

Christmas morning breakfast is one of my favorite new traditions!
I love to wake up early and entertain in our home with my sweet husband, 
it is such a gift to have him around to always help and make the best coffee.
makings of my favorite quiche and some yummy mimosas below!
Second Christmas as Husband & Wife!

After we opened gifts together we went to Peter's mom's house for the family gift exchange.
It was definitely a new feeling since we have never spent Christmas with his family in Greenville.
As you can see, we are resourceful when it comes to gift opening thanks to some Google Hangout!!
and of course, it wouldn't be a holiday without stuffed grape leaves!

To wrap everything up we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner on the day after Christmas
with my mom this year! I also love this new tradition that the three of us have together.
both of our BIG gifts!! Peter and I got my mom a new kitchen knife set 
& then Mom surprised me with tickets to see Wicked with her in February!!
Ending the night with juicy prime rib and amazing horseradish mashed potatoes, the best!


Cassie Lee said...

You guys look so happy in all of these! Too fun! Glad you had a nice holiday!

CassieEliya said...

It was a happy one, for sure!! I'm ready for March now!

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