Friday Five.

December 5, 2014

This week started off reeeaaaally rough. Like, on the verge of an ear infection/strep throat, kind of rough. But thanks to a doctor visit and some meds I'm all good now! I've also learned that I need to double dose the vitamin C and vitamin D during November because apparently I went to the doctor with the same problems in 2013. And just for fun, my foot has decided to hate me and I think I may be suffering from tendinitis, thanks to the lovely stairmill during my workouts. Fun week, right? Thankfully, things have turned around and I'm feeling more like myself! Here are five things that made my week happy, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

 A lot of hot tea this week

Finding out that our church has two songs on iTunes, the one above is my favorite right now

humpday pizza date with my mom and a friend

decorations are finally out in the house

making time for my bible this week has made my heart so happy


Cassie Lee said...

Yay for catching up!

CassieEliya said...

YES!!! Yay, indeed!

Ahoy Kate said...

I'm so glad your week turned around :) Tea, pizza and time with God definitely sound like highlights!

CassieEliya said...

Yes, the best ways to turn a bad week around!! :) thanks for your comment!

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