Thanks-living // January

February 1, 2013

Obviously January has been a little busy. Too busy to sit and blog as much as I want unfortunately {hello first post this week} but I’m okay with that, a busy life is a full life and I can am thankful for it. I’m also thankful for this wonderful little monthly wrap up I’ve grown to love so much!

1 // Squeezing in as much time as possible with this wonderful book. Yea… there are nights where I crawl in bed and make excuses and fall asleep without even picking up my bible, I’m human. But then there are nights when I crawl in bed with a hot cup of tea and spend quality time with those very important words. Time where I can sit and read and write and talk to the Lord which always helps me understand myself a little bit more.

2 // I know I’ve already shared so many pictures from my first shower but I still feel so thankful for that Saturday morning! Everything was so beautiful and sweet. I’m thankful for the ladies that worked so hard to make it happen and for the ladies that took some time to come and love on me a little bit. I honestly feel like I can’t say thank you enough!

3 // My friend Katie looks pretty cute standing next to her fireplace, right? I’m so happy I could be there to help with the painting, moving and eating an awesome meatball sub at her and her hubby’s new home! I love those two people so much and I’m so happy I have true friends who I can really DO LIFE WITH. Not just be a part of life but really come beside friends and be there to help, encourage and pray for them daily. The Lord has truly blessed me with wonderful friends and I’m so thankful for that!

4 // This month has been a little crazy with all the wedding plans taking place but then I realized something. During all the busyness and little bit of confusion I didn’t get stressed. Not even once. And for a girl that usually gets stressed a little too easily all I could do was smile. I am thankful to have a Mom that isn’t pushy and realizes that this is my wedding day… so far we haven’t had any Bridezilla or Momzilla moments and that is simply wonderful!
I also love having a fiancé that really does enjoy being apart of every step even if it means pressing pause on his video game to look at an idea I found on Pinterest. I mean, let’s be honest… a man that can press pause is a keeper in my book!

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Leslie @ top of the page said...

Cassie. I love so much that even though I didnt have my world together enough this month to post the thanksliving link up, you wrapped up your month in gratitude anyways. You knew it wasn't about the linky, it's about the practice of gratitude. Wow. That's better than I did for the end of Jan, that's for sure. I felt so badly that I wasn't more "together" to get my post up that I forgot the whole point. You rock. Thanks for that.

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