11 things about a super awesome Birthday girl...

February 4, 2013

I'm sure most of you thought I was talking about myself but I'm not.
I'm talking about this wonderful friend of mine....

To help wish one of my best friends a very happy Birthday I thought I’d celebrate her 26th year by sharing 11 things I love about her.

1. after almost ten years of friendship we are closer than ever.

2. i had the privilege of causing her need for sour cream while eating chips and salsa.

3. we have gone weeks and sometimes months without seeing each other but it never feels that way.

4. i can never have a birthday without thinking of Madi since hers is always a day after mine!

5. the two of us can sit and talk forever about anything…

6. our mutual love for Homestar Runner.

7. i almost ALWAYS guess what type of food Madison is craving… even if it switches from Taco bell to Krispy Kreme in less than two minutes.

8. anytime I listen to Shane & Shane I can’t help but remember the nights in High School when we would sit and listen to every song for hours while drinking coffee and smoking cheap honey flavored cigars.

9. my grandmother will forever call Madison “the missionary girl” and I absolutely love it!

10. i honestly love her sweet man to pieces and i know she loves mine, that is a true blessing.

11. her heart is on fire for the Lord and because of this I know Madison will change the world someday.

I’m honored to call Madison my best friend but she is more than that, she’s my sister in Christ and I know that will never change! Happy Birthday, sweet friend of mine! I love you!!

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