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September 17, 2011

First of all let me say that I am so excited about a new blog layout thanks to the incredible Kelly!  I'm so thankful for Instagram and the worldwide web friends that I have made from a simple photo app on a phone... its crazy!  Can't wait to share all the awesomeness that she has made for my new blog.  :)  
ha, you'd think I had some famous blog with this excitement.  

Some other randoms that I have had pop through my crazy head this weekend are..... 

1) Why in the world can't a girl wear a headband and sunglasses?  I mean, really!  Is it unthinkable to have your hair pulled up in a ponytail and your bangs held back with a simple headband and then need to shield your eyes from the sun?  Never works. 

2) I am so happy that I saved all the crazy letters that Jocie wrote during our Senior Year of High School because I seriously almost DIED while listening to her read them tonight.  I got an amazing ab workout and had tears running down my cheeks... priceless.  I really want to read the ones I wrote now.

3) I absolutely LOVE Saturday nights at Grace Church.  It totally makes me entire weekend and I feel so down if I can't go.  So thankful that I love my church!

4) Can this weather get any better?  Everyone keeps saying that it's going to warm up again.... booo!  
Come on Mother Nature, stay calm and cool... relax, no need to be mean.  please....? 

5) I love my girls.  We had a night full of yummy soup in tasty bread bowls while sipping on chilled wine with a lot of laughter!  I am so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful women in my life.  

And thanks to Mom for taking the pictures..... 
and listening to us laugh non-stop all night!

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