Little Quirks....

September 2, 2011

I've been told that I'm a little weird, sometimes strange... special, and even "odd" but I like the term quirky.

I think that the quirky characteristics in a person are the best parts.  I embrace mine... so I thought I'd share some.  You can judge if ya want but this girl is comfy in her skin!  :)

1. Sometimes when I am bored… or even overly excited I speak in a weird voice.  Whenever I do this it makes me miss my long lost sister from another Mr. from Spartanburg.  Only she understood my “oddness” and speaks to me in “our” language.  
The first time I used this voice at my new position (while using one of those awesome staplers that you hardly have to press-so NEAT) my two co-workers standing in front of me looked at me like I had my head on backwards!  
I miss you, Rebecca! 

2. Whenever I print a thick stack of paperwork I always grab about 10 at a time and hold them tight to my chest/neck area.  It gives off the BEST heat and warmth.  Ahhhh, toasty!
My office area is FREEEEEZING so I may do this several times a day.

3. I think most gals do this but I may be wrong... I have an addiction to online shopping BUT I don't buy anything.
I create an account.  Add things to my shopping cart.  Let them sit there.  THEN I get angry when they are out of stock.  Like I'd ever by anything??  It's craziness, I tell you!

4. I can NOT use my iPhone calendar for a planner.  Call me old school but I have to have a hand written planner in my purse or else I WILL forget what I have planned tomorrow, next week... in a couple months, whenever.
I don't know what it is but something about actually writing it down helps it stick in this head of mine.  After trying to use my phone for months now I can't do it any more.
Going back to the trusty and reliable, Barnes and Noble Moleskin Planner!

5. I have an obsession with cards.  I've known for a long time that I've always liked them but I finally realized I had a problem while packing my "Junk Drawers" in my room last night.
I found four cards that I have no recollection of buying.  None.
I also found some cards that were given to me that I've saved.... I absolutely loved reading those!  I found 2 from my bestest, Jocie... 1 from when she was leaving for Winthrop.  Yes, I teared up while reading it.
Also found a card from Bella.  That's my dog.  Mmmhmmmm... I had a "Mother's Day" card from my dog...
that I saved.
I have decided that I will have a special box for all my saved cards over the years on my brand new book shelf in my beautiful "reading and relaxation room"!
aka, the guest room.

Completely changing the subject... we are moving this weekend and I already have one cup of coffee sipped and 1 truck load full of boxes!  So excited, going to have before and after pictures of the new place!  Going to buy paint today!  Whoop-whooooop! 
So tell me, what are your quirks???  Do tell!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha i do #3 on a daily basis!

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