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November 4, 2010

Well, Halloween Eve was a LOT of fun!  I definitely didn’t go with my original costume though…

A little different than Katy Perry!! Haha, I couldn’t find a blue wig and when I saw the Bride of Frankenstein wig I had to do it!  

 It was a lot of fun being scary.

 Peter stayed with his creative idea...
The Most Interesting Man Alive… “Stay thirsty my friends”  :)

It was a great party with yummy snacks, strong drinks, fun costumes, and a little outside hookah and fire pit!  The Sweet Apple’s always have the best parties!! 
Joe and Jessica Apple… OR Borat and Pirate Lady!

The rest of the weekend was so chill and relaxed which I loved!  We won our kickball game on Friday so we are still the best time alive.  ;)  
The Jets were not so lucky…. It was a very odd game.  Crazy wind, crazy offense DROPPING the ball non-stop, crazy costumes in the crowd… it was all just very strange!  Sunday night after watching the game we had our Hotdog dinner with my Dad, Aunt, and Grandma.  It was nice to spend some time with them and have a tasty dinner… Plus some Halloween candy!

Last night was the VERY FIRST Dinner Club with the ladies!!  We came up with the name, 3FDC!!  Stands for Fierce, Feisty, and Fabulous Dinner Club!  Hahaha, we are so silly but we had a BLAST!  It’s so wonderful to be around 5 Godly women that pump you up and not break you down.  That’s what ever woman needs and I have FIVE!  I’m so lucky!  We’ve set up the next 6 months so we know which house we will be enjoying a yummy dinner at once a month!!  Very exciting!  Girl time is a must and I’m glad we are making time for it. 

                          They are each so beautiful inside and out! 

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