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November 13, 2010

Finally over this death of a sickness!!  The weather change does it every year but I’ve been so much better about taking vitamins and trying to stay healthy but of course gets me every year!  Since I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING, even blogging I'm in for a BIG update!   

LAST Friday night was a ton of fun, even though we did lose our first game of Kickball but we made up for it that night downtown anyways.  I really love our team this year.  Everyone is so AWESOME and we all get along so well!  I think we are going to do Spring Kickball too since LAST NIGHT we kicked butt and WON the whole season!  CHAMPIONS for the Greenville leagues!  10-1 for the entire season... pretty awesome, huh?!?  

Last Saturday I got to see my BEAUTIFUL friend from High School who I miss SOOO much! 

It really does stink that I don’t get to see her more often… not a fan of that.  It was such a great shower and baby Adelyn got the most adorable gifts!  She is going to be one very stylish chick!!  It was great to catch up with her family; I’ve missed them a lot too.

Later that night I had a very nice date night with my wonderful boyfriend. 

We went to High Cotton for dinner and it was my second time, Peter’s first.  It was very good… wonderful bottle of Chardonnay, salad, shrimp and grits, and the best espresso martini ever!   Perfect night!!!  THEN when we were finished with our meals the waitress was removing the plates and the VERY sharp knife fell off of Peter’s plate and by instinct he tried to catch it and cut his hand.  (Notice the lip... haha)

He made a funny joke and told the waitress that she’d be hearing from his lawyer tomorrow and she laughed nervously… he assured her he was kidding.  Of course the manager came over to check on him and see if he needed anything but he was so polite and kind… said he was fine and it was just a scratch.  Most people would make a big deal and try to get a dessert for free or even the whole meal for free but nope, he didn’t do anything but laugh it off and joke with the manager.  One of the many reasons why I love him so much! 

I'm excited about this weekend too!!  Birthday dinners for both my grandma and Katie tonight. Going to eat at my Grandma's favorite restaurant at 6 then heading downtown to meet up with Katie and the group at Chicora.  It should be a fun night!!  As for right now I am going to get ready while listening to the new WONDERFUL Sara Bareilles CD!  I'm in love with it! 

Happy weekend everyone!!! 

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