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June 6, 2010

This weekend was such a nice, relaxing weekend!  Peter had Lasik eye surgery on Friday so he is no longer blind!   YAAAAY!!!  It may seem like I am exaggerating but I'm not, he was almost blind!!  So now he can see all by himself!  :) Very exciting!  The surgery was successful, the doctor said everything went perfect.  He has all these crazy drops he has to use which makes his eyelashes look like he has some chalky white mascara on.  He also has to wear sunglasses all the time, that was interesting... going out Friday night (because Peter couldn't just sit at home) while he wore sunglasses inside and outside at night, fun times.  We got plenty of stares, haha! 

So, most of the weekend we watched movies... napped... ate some snacks.... watched a movie... napped.... it was NICE!  Exactly what I needed!!  

Peter and I also went to church this morning and I LOVED it, it was such a good service and message.  It really hit home and it was everything I needed to hear today.  I haven't had a chance to read much of Crazy Love like I was hoping since I wasn't home for most of this weekend.  The little bit I have been home I've been cleaning, which is nice... definitely needed to get that finished!  Going to jump back into the book when I'm in bed tonight... easier to focus and let everything set in, and pray then anyways. 

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well!!! 
xoxo, Cas

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