New Start!

June 2, 2010

So... I have been having such an amazing time lately!!  I am surrounded by Godly, amazing friends that just lift me up spiritually every time I talk to them!!  It really is incredible and I am extremely blessed!

BUT, I have been pretty down lately (spiritually) because I feel like I, myself have been cut off.  Not sure why... no idea what is the cause of this?  I've been praying and trying to find the perfect church for me but it just hasn't happened yet.  This Sunday I am going to try a smaller church again and see if it clicks this time.  If not, I will go to every church (and there's a lot) in Greenville/Greer/Simpsonville until I find that perfect fit that I so badly desire.  I want to wake up and LONG to go to church, and NEED the fellowship with other Christians that want the same GROWTH that only God can give.  So, I will be praying and if you want to shoot up a little prayer as well feel free to!  I'd appreciate it!!! 

As for myself right now, I'm going to try to push through that tough spot spiritually that I've found myself in.  My WONDERFUL, Best Friend that is such an amazing Christian woman and is constantly reminding me of the kind of Christian I SHOULD be gave me a book a couple of months ago.  I threw it on my dresser and haven't touched it since so I am going to dive into that.  She gave me this! 

I know it's a very intense book and will probably change my life but that's exactly what I need.  So, I am going to go curl up in my bed with a pen and my bible and start Crazy Love.  Wish me luck and I would appreciate any thoughts or prayers right now.  

xoxo, Cas

1 comment:

jocie said...

it is crazy. it is crazy how God works, crazy how He thinks, crazy how he LOVES us when we continuously mess up.

you in my prayers friend.

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