Summer time, and the livin' is easy...

June 27, 2010

One thing for sure, this is going to be a HOT summer!!!!!  I am so ready for it though!  It was a great first weekend of summer full of games, relaxation, and pool lounging!  

Jessica had a fun 60's themed pool party at Jason's house that wasn't much of a 60's theme at all... but it was fun!  It was nice to just kick back on a float in the pool with a chilled drink while listening to some music!!  When it comes to parties with our group of friends Jessica (and Isadora of course) and I are usually the only girls... so we were very happy that Katie and Jennie came!! 

Notice Isadora peeking at the camera!
So stinkin cute!!!

It was a fun day... we grilled fresh shrimp, hot dogs, some burgers, chicken, steak, and ribs... we had a TON of food and it was all very tasty!!  I am so lucky to have so many friends to spend a fun relaxing weekend with!!

Great turn out for the party!!  Can't wait for many more parties this Summer!!!  

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