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June 21, 2010

Now that the beach fun is over and tomorrow is Monday I really don't have a choice.... I had a wonderful, long, relaxing, fun weekend with Peter, my Mom, and my Grandma in Charleston!!!  It was so great!  I also didn't get fried so that was spectacular!  A little pink on my shoulders but that's okay, it will freckle in a day or 2 anyway! :-)  
We also brought Bella with us too so that was fun, it was her first vacation and she seemed to have a good time.  She was definitely home sick though.  Since we have been home she has been passed out on the couch and hasn't moved (I've checked her breathing a few times) which is VERY odd for her.  Usually if anyone moves she's up and checking everything out, but she is more than happy to be home!! 

We spent most of the weekend on the beach in Isle of Palms... it was HOT but so nice!!  I made sure to keep SPF on so I wouldn't get murdered by the sun like I always do!  On Friday night we went to eat dinner at The Wreck again, it was delicious as always!  Then we had some ice cream for desert... then me and Peter parted ways and went downtown for some drinks!  Peter had been to this one bar (Coast Bar & Grill) before and it's kind of hidden so mostly locals go there!  We had the BEST bartender ever and he made the most AMAZING Mojito's I've ever had!!!  Mine was a Hawaiian Peach Mojito.  Peter had a Honey Dew Cucumber one that was out of this world!!  The bartender has won the Mojito Challenge for 4 years in a row in Charleston... yea, they are THAT good!!

Then we went to another local bar that a couple told us about called Closed for Business (Love the name!!) and they had a TON of beers on tap, including Kwak, which is one of my favorites, thanks to Peter!! We called it a night pretty early since we had an early morning planned on the beach again.

After a full day of sun on Saturday we got to go to my FAVORITE place in Charleston!!!!  YAY, I was so excited!  Yea, it looks like a hole in the wall, sketchy diner but it's so great!!!  They have something for everyone and it's all amazing! 

I got to share the wonderful fried pickles and fried green tomatoes with my mom, then the grilled pimento and cheese sandwich with bacon... definitely life changing!!!  ALSO we got to have the strawberry shortcake! AH, great meal... and it's so cheap!! 
THEN after that Peter took me to see Cowboy Mouth for the first time. WHAT A SHOW!!!!!  
I mean, WOW... it was definitely an experience!  I was soaking wet after the show, partly from jumping up and down the entire time and also from the bartender spraying water on the crowd (which I greatly appreciated since it was SO hot!!)  We started out behind around, 6-7 rows of people but by the end of the show I had pushed my way up to the second row!  It was so great!!  We got in MUCH later than Friday but we also got to sleep in since today was the check out day and our lazy day in Charleston... 

I have realized that I absolutely LOVE Charleston!!!! I would TOTALLY move there if I could live in a small, quaint home like this... hehehe!! ;-)

and wake up every morning with a view like this.... 

And do all the Charleston things like, walking the pup by the water on Broad Street!
....and having a late brunch at Carolina's (which we did today!  I had Shrimp and Grits, of course... and Peter had a Duck Confit Omelet with sultana’s, goat cheese, onions, and spinach which was incredible!!
....and shopping around the Market, and catching a game at the local bar down the street (MOE'S, so much fun and great service)
....and then ending the day with a coffee (we went to Baked... its a small coffee shop that's based out of NYC with the most adorable deserts and yummy coffee!!)
.....MAN, I could SO live in Charleston!!!  It was a wonderful day with a wonderful man!!  LOVED IT! 

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