July 11, 2010

Nothing makes sense in this world, it's a mystery.  But it's what we do about it that counts.  Using your faith in God, in each other, and in the future changes everything.  Trusting that the end is worth it... and never letting go of it's promise.
I have had a GREAT weekend with some wonderful friends... really makes me realize how lucky I am!  Peter left for NJ early yesterday morning which was of course a bummer!  He gets to spend some fun time with his amazing family and I'm not flying up to NJ until Tuesday night... soooo, since I had a full day to myself what did I do?!  I had brunch with some girl friends, and then went to see Eclipse (finally!!! it was SO good!).  Then went home and had some lunch with mom... took a nap... then got dressed for a fun Girls Night Out!  We had such a good time and it was VERY much needed! 

Movie time after Cracker Barrel! 

Self Timers are a life saver! 

They are so much fun! 

Today I did ABSOLUTELY nothing... allergies have reared there ugly head for some ungodly reason so I felt so out of it all day!  I watched movies... got stuck on The Hills marathon... snacked on some food and drank some HOT TEA! YUM!!!  And then watched True Blood!  I did none of my packing today, very bad!!  This means I have to do everything tomorrow, ick.  I hate packing... and the only thing I hate more than packing is UNPACKING.  Super ick!! 

So, going to bed now... gotta work tomorrow.  And pack.  bleh. 

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