Augusta again.

October 21, 2016

We are heading back home today after a few days in Augusta with Peter. I was second guessing the whole "traveling with daddy" thing after experiencing the first night of traveling with a toddler. It is crazy how our baby is gone... I mean, he's still our baby in so many ways, (and he will always be my baby, of course!) but he is such a little toddler now. I was super happy that he slept the entire two hour drive here, but once we made it, he was a ball of energy that could not be tamed. That made going out to dinner with friends (at a restaurant that didn't have a highchair!!!) super hard and stressful. BUT, we all got a good night of sleep laying sideways on the hotel bed so Solomon could sleep next to the headboard and not fall off. HA! Traveling is definitely different these days, but it does have the hilarious moments mixed with the frustrating ones. Parenthood, am I right? 

On Wednesday when we got to Augusta we walked down the Riverwalk by our hotel to get some wiggles out, and I loved taking these adorable pictures of my big boy! 

& even after a two hour car ride nap, he needed over an hour more after running around outside!
I am happy to say that day two was much better!! I guess we won't be taking long car ride trips for just a day or two anymore... full weeks only, please! 

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