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August 14, 2012

Football Season! Which is almost as great as Christmas.

Yup, that’s right! I finally got to watch some Jets Football!!! 
My Friday night involved 3 sexy men…
Sanchez, Tebow and of course my lover boy.
(all caps excited.)

A few things that I know…
I’d never care for the Jets if it weren’t for that lover boy of mine.
He is a very lucky man to have a woman that sincerely loves football almost as much as she loves him.
The Green Room is still my favorite place to watch a Jets Game.
My Jets Jersey is still my favorite thing to wear, even when they lose. 
Sexy Rexy is looking healthy as ever… good job man! (& no… Rex is not included in the “sexy men” category because this is a nickname and not a true statement.)

Only thing missing from this fantabbulous night was a chilled Oktoberfest beer in my hand… 
once again, the man is lucky.

Side note: if you remember the bartender that called me a "Pretty Redneck" from the Midweek Randoms post back in April.... well, I finally had my chance to confront him about it. The conversation went a little bit like this....

Larry the Bartender: Hey, how you guys doin...? (holds out hand for a shake and looking at both of us) We have met before, right? 

Cassie: Yes, apparently you have referred to me as the "pretty redneck". 

Peter: ha. haha. ha. I'm Peter. 

Larry the Bartender: uhhhh.... I don't know about that...? 

Cassie: Well, that's what I heard... 

Larry the Bartender: Pretty Redneck... with a Jets Jersey? It must have been the "pretty redhead", yea... that's exactly what I said. pretty REDHEAD. 

Cassie: ohhhh, okay. 

Larry the Bartender: So, what do you want to drink, Red? 

and for the rest of the night he called me Red. Much better than Redneck so I have forgiven him.

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