Foodie Fest 2012!

August 21, 2012

If the title above makes you think I stuffed myself with awesome food all weekend long for an amazing price then you would be correct. That is exactly what we did. Here in Greenville, SC we were lucky enough to have the Foodie Fest this weekend and next weekend as well. Like every year, I was so excited! Sixteen different restaurants put together a special menu for an extra special price so all of us Greenvillians could fill our tummy's without feeling as guilty. 

Friday night we enjoyed American Grocery Restaurant which is one of my top favorites in downtown Greenville. Peter and I both chose from the 3 for $30 menu and absolutely loved it. Such great flavors with food from local and regional farms. The drinks and meals were delicious, even if we ended ups switching our dessert bowls at the end. ;) 

Saturday night we ended up at The Green Room to enjoy the Jets play again and as usual the food was so good!! 
We shared another 3 for $30 special and since this was my favorite of the "Foodie Fest Menus" I was pretty pumped about it... I did my research to see which place we should try during the weekend and TGR was on the top of my list. Jets football plus delicious meals and you can't go wrong! The below picture was my favorite part... don't let the strange looking cheese fool you. Best Fried Green Tomatoes ever. 

the weekend was wonderful even with some "not so great" football action.
I'm still stuffed from all the great food but it was worth it! 

Hope you all had a great weekend filled with yummy food and some sweet cuddles!
Your dog or someone special... or both. 

Cuddle time is my favorite time so this made me super happy! 
Happy Tuesday, friends! xo


The Management said...

Is that some brulee at the end?

If yes, thanks for making me crave some, haha!

Cassie said...

yessss... blackberry chocolate!

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