Where's the paper...?

August 25, 2011

Work has been STRESSFUL for the past week or so... thankfully we finally hired a new person so it will be so much better soon but it won't be ideal until late September, maybe October.  So, it's stressful!  However, here are some of the things that kept me laughing this week.  

(Before I start let me say that I work with 10 men.  TEN... and 3 women.) 

Scenario 1 
Man #1: "Hey, Cassie... do you know where the computer paper is?"  
Cassie: "Yes, let me show you... (walking over to cabinet that I have labeled "Paper") 
All the paper will be in this cabinet"
Man #1: "OH!  Guess I should have looked there." 
Cassie: "No problem, just yell if you need anything else."
(Side note:  This cabinet is RIGHT above the printer that needed paper.) 

Scenario 2
Man #2: "Hey, could you check to see if these documents are already imaged?" 
Cassie: "Sure, add them to the pile..." (with a smile and pointing to the several piles that are 
over flowing my "IN BOX").
Man #2: Thanks! 

Scenario 3
Man #3: "Could you check on this request for me?"
Cassie: "Sure, I can show you where you can find this information or I could do it
first thing tomorrow morning for you... would that be fine?"
Man #3: "Oh, are you busy right now?"
Cassie: "Well, I have to leave in a few minutes for a hair appointment."
(Side note: I skipped lunch so I could leave early at 4:30.)
Man #3: "OH, you could at least lie and say you had a dentist appointment."
(he was totally kidding)
Cassie: "haha, sorry... I already have my appointment approved."
Man #3: "Yeaaa, that's fine... tomorrow morning is fine, no big deal."
Cassie: "Thanks, have a good night."
(Turning to walk out of his office) 
Man #3: "Good luck with the cavity..." 

Scenario 4
Man #4: "Cassie... where is the computer paper?" 
Cassie: "The paper is right here...."
(going to the cabinet, once again, that's labeled "paper")
Man #4: "Ahhh, duh!" 
Cassie: "haha, no problem!" 

Scenario 5
Man #5: While walking into the office and 
realizing his door is closed,
"Why is my door closed?  Is someone in there?"
Cassie: "Yes, they are having a meeting.... you are a little bit late."
Man #5: "OH! Man... I totally forgot, how late am I?"
Cassie: "It started 15 minutes ago..."
Man #5: "Okay, do you have access to my calendar?"
Cassie: while trying not to laugh... 
"Yes... I do, I will remind you next time."
Man #5: "Thanks!" 

Scenario 6
Man #6: "Hey, Cas... where's the paper?"
Cassie: Seriously laughing at this point... 
"hmmm.... let's see, maybe it's in the cabinet right there that says "Paper"??
Man #6: "Wow... I am turning into my father!  
He always asks my Mom where everything is when it's right in front of his face.... 
"Hun, where's the Splenda??  OH, here it is right in front of my face!!"
Cassie: "haha, no problem... that's what I'm here for!!"

Yes... I do love my job.  I find satisfaction with making others life a little easier, and if that's by pointing out where the paper is THREE times for THREE different men that can't read then that's okay with me! ;) 

It's also nice to have a certain man (My wonderful boss) show his thankfulness with a nice note and breakfast biscuit!  It really does make all the difference when you are appreciated!!! 

Tomorrow is Friday... that also makes me VERY happy! 

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