October 9, 2010

I'm sitting here on the couch on this BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning drinking my coffee with the windows up and I'm thinking life is so good!!!  After everything that's happened with my Grandpa its been a little hectic... but I find peace in knowing that he is in a MUCH better place than here and better than he's ever been!  

Some of the little things that have been going on in the past month that I haven't had a chance to blog about are.... Kickball, the very successful Oktoberfest Party, some Civil Twilight fun in Charlotte, and my Mom's Birthday!!  

Mom's Birthday was a lot of fun this year... we got a group of friends and family together at On The Border for dinner!  Most importantly I got to see this adorable little girl.... Brooke Smith! LOVE HER!

and of course Peter was there... we were told to do something "different" since every picture we have looks the same....?  so this is what he thought to do.  ;) 

And of course Jocie was there to celebrate her "other mothers" birthday!!  It was a fun night! 

Civil Twilight seriously gets better every time I see them!  Great new songs (I had to buy the live album from So-ho on Itunes... go do it now!) and their stage presence is incredible!!  Of course my favorite part of the show is when Andrew brings out the bow to play on the guitar for Perfect Stranger.  So awesome, I get cold chills every time!

And Steven's voice is so dead on it's crazy!!!  When you see them it seriously sounds like you are listening to an extra awesome version of the CD in person... haha, if that makes any sense!  

We had a great group go with us, we had a lot of fun and I think we had some great Greenville Supporters!

On to Kickball.... pretty much we rock!  We are undefeated and we beat the winning time of last years playoffs.  Last year we were HORRIBLE!!!  I didn't even want to play honestly.  We only won one 1 game and it was in the playoff tournament.  This year we have played 4 games and of course we won all of them (undefeated...duh) but the team just meshes so well and we get along... have fun while we are playing... it's just awesome this year!!!  We also go to Eastside Jimmy's (used to be Brick City Grill) after every game on Friday Nights which is a lot of fun! 
 Eat some dinner with the team... 

Have some Flip Cup fun.... 

Anyone is welcome to come out and join in on the fun!!!  :) 

Recently Peter was wanting to have an awesome Oktoberfest Party... mostly because he wants to be in Germany right now but I thought it was a great idea.  We were having a hard time trying to find somewhere to have the party since he wanted to do an outside thing with some Oktoberfest Beer and then he realized that the Hans & Franz Bier Garden by Pelham and 14 would be PERFECT!  If you have never been you should definitely go... Great beer (Becks Oktoberfest is so good!) and the food is great too!!  

It was fun to see everyone and catch up since we don't do that much anymore... everyone is so busy all the time or moved away... like Jordan and Jon!  Glad we all got to hang out again!

Some nice Girl Time was had... I enjoyed it very much, ladies!!!  

And of course the host of the party was having a nice time as well... :)  
Great idea to have the party!! 

So, now on to this weekend...  Going downtown today for Fall for Greenville around 3 to watch some Football with the boyfriend then going to see all of our amazing friends!!!  

ALSO... since my boyfriend is so amazing and wants a HAPPY Girlfriend he is finally taking me to the Biltmore Estate after asking for pretty much, TWO years now!!!!  We are going on Sunday and spending the whole day there!!  See the house, (he's never been!!!) go to the winery, eat some dinner!  YAY, I am very excited!!!  AND I'm off on Monday!  Thank you Columbus Day! ;) 

Can't wait... a blog with pictures to come!!!   
Happy Weekending everyone!!

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