1 More Day!!!!

May 26, 2010

Sooo... recently things have been a bit hectic in the Land of Cassie!!  

Work is crazy right now... my current position is Money Manager (pretty much the assistant manager of the branch) at the Spartanburg Carolina First which is the ONLY branch in Spartanburg. So, that means that I have to open all the accounts for Spartanburg county which includes Private Banking AND Commercial Banking on top of all the accounts that just walk in the branch from a day to day basis. Now, this has never been a problem for me... I've actually enjoyed this because I stay busy and have lots to do.  
BUT you add Head Teller to the mix of my day and I want to crawl under the teller station and hide and cry for most of the time. Since our Head Teller decided to stay home with her 3 babies (don't blame her, I'd do the same thing) I am currently filling in for the Head Teller position which includes being counted into the vault and running the teller line. For non-bank employees that means that any time during the day a teller needs money or has to much in their drawer I have to sell/buy the money to/from the vault. Yes, no matter what I am in the middle of... opening a new account, helping a customer with fraud, inputing a loan, heck... using the bathroom I have to go into the vault and sell or buy some money. CRAZYNESS!!!!  
(side note: I pray a lot at work...)  

This being said, I am definitely needed at my job which I LOVE because I do LOVE my job! It can just be a bit much at times. Also, I love my co-workers! They make my day a LOT better!!! We have hired a new Head Teller but she has to complete training first so hopefully by the end of June I will be free from Head Teller duties. YAY! I can't wait to have my Office back, full time!!! So excited! 

I have also been planning a Surprise Party for my wonderful Boyfriend for about 2 months and I am glad to say that it's over!!! I pretty much tell Peter EVERYTHING and it was SOOOO hard to keep my mouth shut! It was a fun night and he was totally shocked. I was wondering if he had found out somehow since almost all of his friends were invited but no one let the cat out of the bag, thank goodness!  He thought we were going downtown, just the 2 of us for a romantic Birthday Dinner and then we show up (Peter looking in the opposite direction for the Hostess) and everyone screams SURPRISE!!!!  He was shocked!!!  His face was priceless!! His sister took a video and it was so great! Hopefully she is going to post it on facebook so I can steal it! The night was full of fun with some great family and friends! 

Now, I have ONE more day till VACATION!!!!! 
I can NOT wait!!! There's a group of 10 (including myself) going to Isle of Palms in Charleston for the whole weekend! We are leaving early Friday morning and we will come home late Monday! I am SO ready for some fun in the sun! I need some rest, relaxation, shopping, tanning, laughing, eating, and all that important stuff!  Definitely time for it! So, till next time.... hopefully I will return with an awesome tan! Yea right... who am I kidding?!?

xoxo, Cas

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