June 7, 2013

Sometimes you just need a little sunshine and a sweet bible verse to make your soul happy. After a lot of rain and a busy week it was such a treat to look up from my desk on a Friday afternoon and see the sun shining. It instantly made me think about His love and His grace. The way that the clouds just keep on going in the clear blue sky. How all the clouds are higher than the tree tops. Whenever I see days like this I can’t help but feel closer to my Maker. The morning can always start off dark and gloomy but with His hand everything can be wiped clean again. He is such an artist and I love those moments where I can just stand back and admire all He has made. Even though it's back to the rain now I am glad I got a little bit of blue skies and fluffy clouds for a short while. Crossing my fingers for a beautiful clear day tomorrow!!

I hope that you all have a happy weekend full of warm fuzzy moments because those kind of moments are the best!!


Cassie Marshall said...

AMEN. Love this.

Abigail Jasmine said...

I love that verse a lot! Glad the Lord gave you joy and strengthened your heart!

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