Midweek Randoms

March 21, 2012

Happy Wednesday to you all! This week has been way too long. I can't believe it's only Wednesday... what the heck?!? Anyways... here are some fun randoms from this week. 

1. I'm pretty excited that tomorrow is my last day for this work week!! I'm taking the day off on Friday to spend it with my wonderfully, sweet friend for her Birfday! Yes... we say Birfday! Brunch and Hunger Games!!

2. The New Girl is most definitely one of my favorite shows. Cracks me up!! Schmidt is so stinkin' funny!!!! 

3. I went to my first AM yoga class today. Yup... I woke up at 5:30 so I could go do some downward dog and I feel super fab. Made my day much happier and felt so much longer. 

4. I thank the above mentioned yoga for my success in killing my To Do List today. All 12 annoying tasks were complete by 4:30. 

5. The rumors of Tebow joining the JETS has me ecstatic!!! When it comes to football the only thing I love more than the Jets is Mr. Tim Tebow. I wish Football wasn't so far away.... its my favorite time of year!!! 

6. I really want to try cooking with quinoa! Has anyone tried it...? Here's some recipes I've found on Pinterest!! 

Hopefully everyone had a splendid Humpday and I'm ready to get the workday over with tomorrow!! Thursday night TV and a very exciting weekend is exactly what I need right now!! 

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