Attitude of Gratitude

February 20, 2012

My beautiful friend over at beauty in humble places, Amber, shared her Attitude of Gratitude from A-Z a few days ago and I thought it was such a great idea!!

So, here I am… stuck at home with this nasty bug floating around so I'm going to be a copy cat. I think having an attitude of gratitude is always a great thing, especially when you feel like poo! 

Here we go... some things I am grateful for from A-Z!

Amber… it only makes since to be grateful for this lovely lady! I’m so glad we have become friends. She may not know it but she is continually pushing me closer to God in many ways. Her attitude, her eye to capture His beauty and the way she shares His love with others.

Brooke Fraser… oh dear, where do I start? Her songwriting is out of this world. Her voice is incredible. I could listen to her all day long & sometimes I do!

Church… i’m so thankful to have a church that I am in love with. Every weekend is better than the last. The message is always like a dagger to my heart. The worship is perfection. I really do love my church and that makes me happy!!!

Dreams… sometimes they help you know what you are really thinking and feeling.

Essie… my favorite polishes that always have happy colors!

Faith… it really is the most important thing to me. Without my faith being set firmly in Christ I don’t think I could do anything. Because of my faith I sleep better at night and live better during the day.

Girlfriends… i’d be a little lost without them. So thankful for the friendships I have and that they are all based around God and our faith.

Health… i’m very thankful for a healthy life. A lot of people fight with this on a daily basis.

Instagram… clearly if you read my wittle blog often you know of my deep love for IG already.

Jesus… he’s most definitely my main man. He keeps me clean and I’m so glad that I yearn more for him on a daily basis.

Krispy Kreme… once every 4-6 months it sure is nice to see that “Hot Now” sign. Mmmmm!

Love… all you need is love. It’s true.

Mom… she will always be my first best friend!

New… i embrace change. New things are always welcomed in my life!

Old Navy… high five for cheap trendy clothes!

Pinterest… i mean, come on. What chick isn’t grateful for this awesome creation. Yummy Recipes, DIY projects, Plan your dream wedding. YUP! Exactly. Awesome!

Quiet time… i’ve grown to LOVE this time every day. In my car while I’m driving. At work when I say a quick prayer in stressful times. In my bed before I go to sleep. Anytime that I feel God pulling on my heart and I respond with a few moments of worship for Him. Yes, I am grateful for that.

Ring… the opal ring that I wear on my hand every day from my Grandmother. Very special to me!

Shoes… love them. Enough said.

Trust… without trust you will never create relationships. Any good relationship is going to be based on trust.

Umbrella... my hair becomes frizzy when it gets wet on a rainy day, therefor I am very thankful for umbrellas. 

Valet... what woman doesn't love this? Seriously...

Weekends… even if they are only 2 days they are still fabulous!

Xerox... my job would be a lot harder without this delightful machine.

Yoga… in love with it. It’s the best workout I’ve ever had and it seriously works every part of your body! LOVE!

Zero… no clue about this one?

1 comment:

amber kanady said...

i have a big smile on my face now! thank you, sweet friend! :)

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