Atlanta Fun!!!

September 1, 2010

So, on the weekend of August 21st I took my mom to Atlanta for a girls weekend for her Birthday (September 9th)... and why did I take her so early, you ask?!? Because of this...... 

(11th Row Seats)

We had a date with my future husband, Adam Levine.  My mom has been DYING to see Maroon5 ever since their first album!  We almost got to see them once a few years ago but after that didn't happen every single time... and I do mean every single time we heard a Maroon5 song she'd say "I could have seen them in concert!!!" so yes, I am the best daughter ever and needless to say, she was very excited.  AND just in case I forgot about her excitement she would remind me about every 10 minutes by screeching "I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!"  It was entertaining... 

We had such an amazing trip filled with great food, shopping, ADAM, and creating some wonderful memories together!  I am so lucky to not only have an incredible best friend but Mom too, she is precious!  We arrived in Atlanta, checked into our King Suite room, changed our outfits, then searched all over for some yummy Mexican food (aka Margaritas) and after about 20 minutes we finally found the PERFECT place!! 

It was SOOOOOO good, and they had the BEST Margarita EVER!  It was made with Peach nectar and Tequila!  YUM!!!  I was in love! We had such a great time and we were stuffed!! 

The following morning we got up pretty early and had a very successful shopping day!!  THEN we got ready for the show and we had our faces rocked off.  It was amazing... possibly best show ever!  I've never heard a band sound SO good live!!  His voice was heavenly!!  Kris Allen opened for Maroon5 and he killed it too!  It was such a fun time!!  

Favorite picture from the show... love the disco ball and bright colors!  I also have a new favorite picture of Mom and I!! 

On Sunday we slept in after a late night at the show... and then we went to The Flying Biscuit!!!  If you are a fan of brunch you MUST try this place.  It was my 3rd time but mom's 1st!  She loved it too... it's so great!  Then we went to Ikea and it was my turn for a 1st!!  I LOOOOOVED IT!  I found my dream kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom!!  It was so much fun and a wonderful weekend!!! 

Then for the second weekend in a row I went BACK to Atlanta for Fadi's Birthday!!  It was a lot of fun, especially since Mimi and Jane got to come with us.  It was at Fadi and Joy's house and she made some AMAZING food... lots of carbs and cheese which we all know is definitely yummy!! ;-)  Here's some highlights from the weekend with the Eliya Family!! 

Such a great picture of the Happy Couple, about to celebrate there 1st Anniversary this weekend!! 

Enjoying the Birthday fun! :-) 

The Fam (minus Jane) going to sight see on our last day. 

Very happy I got to have 2 amazing weekends in Atlanta... I'm a very lucky girl!!!  I feel like I say that a LOT but it's so true!! 

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